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Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Greetings from The House of Qs!

The mad rush is here to get all of those Easter baskets filled and ready for the Easter Bunny to deliver. Even though I'm a grown woman (42 years old thank you very much), I still get an Easter basket. My mom is to blame for this tradition in our family and she has passed it along to my husband. 

I have a basket that my husband fills every year and hides in the house for me to find on Easter morning. He will put things in the basket that are useful or things that he knows I want or need. When we lived in South Carolina, we were at the beach quite a bit. He gave me beach-themed Easter baskets a few times that included suntan lotion, aloe, a beach towel, flip flops, etc. 

After we moved to Georgia, he started to change the theme every year. A few years ago, he gave me a movie-themed basket that had DVDs, some microwave popcorn and a pretty throw blanket. I'm excited to see what he (and the Easter Bunny of course!!) come up with this year. 

Hayley over at The Farmer and the Southern Belle made a cute video with ideas for her boy's Easter baskets (Hayley's post/ideas does contain candy as basket filler). I met Hayley about a year ago when I joined the Country Woman Magazine Circle of Friends. You can see my Southern Spotlight blog post featuring Hayley here. 

I also love these basket ideas from Country Woman Magazine. If you don't follow Country Woman Magazine on Facebook or subscribe to the magazine, you don't know what you are missing! You will find a nurturing and open environment for women to share craft ideas, recipes, gardening tips, home keeping and much more. 

This idea for a grown-up Easter basket! is adorable! I can think of at least five of my friends who would love to receive this on Easter morning. 

Picture is property and courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

This basket idea is great for the crafty person! The items can be focused on one specific craft or include general crafting supplies.

Picture is property and courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

Do you know someone who just adopted a new furry friend? This basket includes items that will come in handy for the new dog in the family. 

Picture is property and courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

One last idea is a spa-themed basket for anyone in your life who needs to relax and have little time for themselves. 

Picture is property and courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

If you find yourself hosting an Easter celebration this year, you must watch this video from the Southern Living test kitchen pro, Ivy Odom.


I hope that these ideas come in handy for you (and the Easter Bunny!) as you finish up your Easter basket shopping! 

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From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Southern Spotlight: Feather, Fluff and Flings!

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to meet such a variety of interesting women from all over the U.S. All of the women and businesses that have been part of my "Southern Spotlight" series have a common thread: they are passionate about what they do and the services/products they offer. This installment is no different.

I first met the ladies of Feather, Fluff, and Flings via Instagram almost three years ago. At the time, my husband's company offered him a position in San Antonio and we lept at the opportunity! I set out to create a network of friends in San Antonio. Fast forward a few more years, and by fate or serendipity, we are still in Atlanta for a variety of reasons. My husband's company decided not to relocate him after all because the "critical need" turned out to be a mere 40 miles from our house. I digress... One of the best outcomes from our almost relocation was connecting with Feather, Fluff and Flings. I'm so inspired by this company and the two ladies that had the passion and gumption to put the wheels in motion!

An Introduction: 
Cheri Stith and Jamie Weyand (founders of Feather, Fluff and Flings) met 25+ years ago when fate stepped in and made these two friends. Cheri, has a love of interior design and holiday decorating and Jamie, is a whiz with advertising and marketing. The two combined their talents and formed Feather, Fluff and Flings, a unique business that offers home staging, ready-to-sell consulting, seasonal decorating, and special event planning services in the greater San Antonio, Texas area.

Christmas by Design: 
Recently, this team's talent and hard work were featured in a new book titled "Christmas by Design: Private Homes Decorated by Leading Designers" written by Patricia Hart McMillan and Katharine Kaye McMillian. The book is beautiful and is overflowing with gorgeous homes and decorating ideas. Additionally, it showcases four projects led by the ladies of Feather, Fluff and Flings.  Treat yourself this Christmas and purchase the book for your own home or buy a few for last minute gifts. 

San Antonio Woman Magazine:
Cheri and Jamie were also recently featured in San Antonio Woman Magazine in an article titled "Making Business Ownership Dreams Come True". Click this link to see the entire article.

Project Portfolio: 
One of the many things I enjoy about Feather, Fluff and Flings is the diversity in the services that they provide and offer throughout the year. Clients always receive an "original" services from Cheri and Jamie. This is what I mean; take a look at the two Christmas decorating jobs that the ladies recently completed for clients in the San Antonio area. It's obvious that the client's personal style and requests were kept at the forefront of each project. Feather, Fluff and Flings has a robust client and project list that has been cultivated and developed primarily from word-of-mouth referrals.

Metallic Modern:

A Traditional Theme: 

Kappa Kappa Gamma San Antonio Area Alumnae Association Event:
Recently, Cheri and Jamie were invited to participate in the San Antonio Area Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma 22nd Annual Tablescapes event. This event serves as the primary fundraising source for the group and the money raised is donated to a local charity. For more information about the group and the Tablescapes event, click here. This year's theme was "Jingle All the Way to Julian Gold!".  Julian Gold is an upscale boutique chain in Texas. Click here to learn more about Julian Gold. 

Check out a few of the pictures from the event. Cheri and Jamie really outdid themselves! Look closely at the layers and details in each display.

A New Website: 
Feather, Fluff and Flings recently launched a gorgeous website.Visit for more pictures of client home staging, special event planning, and interior design projects! This duo recently announced that they decorated 80 homes this holiday season!

Follow on Social Media: 
Hop on over to Facebook and Instagram to follow Feather, Fluff and Flings (Links are below)!

Facebook: Feather-Fluff-Flings
Instagram: FeatherFluffandFlings

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know these two wonderful ladies and learning about the business they are building. I just know that we will all hear more great things about them (and Feather, Fluff and Flings) in the near future!

***All photos included in this post (with the exception of The House of Qs logo) is owned and property of Feather, Fluff and Flings*****

From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

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Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Christmas Home Tour

I have looked forward to this blog post all year! In 2016, I was lucky enough to be a docent at this featured home for a Holiday Tour of Homes and have been inspired by it since then. The homeowner, Jane opened her home to me again this year and I'm so excited to show you the gorgeous decorations and unique ideas.

Let's get started! Take a look at a few of the beautiful wreaths that she has created. It must take her hours to create, plan, and design just one of the wreaths!

Stepping into this house, I am immediately welcomed by warmth and hospitality. This home is by far the most gorgeous "Christmas House" that I've seen. My husband and I refer to it as the "Christmas House".

Let's start the tour in the living room. Honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful Christmas tree?!? It's even more beautiful and stunning in person. The homeowner, Jane starts the decorating process around September each year. Jane's house is so warm, cozy and inviting. Even though it is decorated to the nines, I feel so at home.

A view of the living room from the second story overlook...

Speaking of the second floor, how about this beautiful tree that sits on the second-floor landing?!? This tree is so whimsical!

On the other side of the landing, is this gorgeous collection of Santas flanked by two extra large Nutcrackers.

While we are on the second floor, let me show you a few of the rooms on this level.

In this same bedroom, this beautiful tree sits opposite of the well-appointed bed.

Also on this level, this gorgeous bath...

There's one more bedroom on this level that I want to show you...I'll be here for a few hours taking in all of the details and gorgeousness of this room!

Let's go back downstairs and take a look at a little of the kitchen and the dining room.

The breakfast area of the kitchen is pictured below... another beautiful room!

On to the dining room. A single purple ornament was the inspiration for this entire room. The two nutcrackers are handsome additions to this table. I also love how Jane has used the purple poinsettias on the table and in the arrangement.

Here is a better look at the table arrangement/centerpiece...

 More handsome nutcrackers stand guard from the top of the china hutch...

This flocked pencil tree fits perfectly into the corner of the dining room. I love how this tree just ties the whole room together.

Across from the dining room is Jane's husband's study. She has left no stone unturned when it comes to decorating every corner of her home.

The foyer and the entrance to the study...

And another gorgeous tree to finish off this beautiful but masculine room.

There's one last room that I want to share with you and that is the Master bedroom. Jane has chosen traditional red and white for this room.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour and maybe gained some inspiration or ideas to try in your own home. Have pictures or ideas you would love to share? Please contact me for more information!

From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

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