Thursday, September 5, 2019

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

In the next few weeks, my husband and I will transition our lives and careers to my home state of West Virginia. We are both excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead and being closer to family and life-long friends.

The decision to leave Atlanta was difficult for me because I love my current job very much. Change is never easy but when you work with wonderful people it is even more difficult to say goodbye and let go of exciting projects and passionate professionals. My coworkers are beautiful people and have so much talent, desire and dedication to Kennesaw State University and the students we serve each day.

My thoughtful co-workers went out of their way to throw a going away party for me. They even sang "Country Roads" which made me shed happy tears. What a wonderful experience this has been. I will always cherish my time at Kennesaw State and am thankful for the people who have taught me so much about life, career and why we choose to work in higher education.

Below are a few pictures from the going away brunch earlier today. They know that I love Cracker Barrel so hashbrown casserole and biscuits and gravy were on the menu. Several people brought in homemade goodies like a delicious pound cake, pastries and of course cupcakes. The brunch had a farmhouse theme and I was gifted with several of the items that were used to decorate the tables.

I'm so lucky and fortunate to have worked with this group of people and will forever be grateful for the experience.

From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

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