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Southern Spotlight: The Farmer and The Southern Belle

Recently, I was chosen to be a contributor to Country Woman Magazine and to say I am elated is an understatement! Country Woman Magazine has a very simple mission: connecting with the heart of American women and shares a passion for family, community and country values through cooking, crafts and a dedication to home. I may live in metro Atlanta but the values and lessons I learned in rural West Virginia are still with me.

One of the perks of being a contributor is I that get to network with other contributors. Let me introduce you to Hayley Carraway Moss. Hayley is a native of Mississippi but life led her to Iowa. Hayley’s blog, The Farmer and the Southern Belle is delightful and enjoyable.

Take a look at our interview below.

Hayley with her husband and boys on the farm in Iowa. 

Describe yourself in five words.
Silly, Crafty, Friendly, Girly, Organized

Are you a native to Iowa? If not, how did you land in the “Field of Opportunities”?
I am originally a Mississippi girl! I moved to Iowa eight months after I met my husband. He was born and raised on a northwest Iowa farm (where we now live!), so I knew when we got engaged a couple months after I moved here, that this would be my forever home! It is different than where I grew up, but I have grown to love it!

Tell me about your day-to-day life in Iowa…
I am a momma to two rowdy buckaroos, so most of my time is taken up by running them to school and their activities, cooking, cleaning etc... I also like to try and fit baking, crafting, and blogging into my daily routine!

Your blog, The Farmer and The Southern Belle is adorable! Tell me about why you started your blog.
I actually started my blog in 2009 to document our entire wedding process and it just grew from there! Now I blog about crafting, party planning, travel, decorating, DIY, and just our everyday life on the farm!

What're your favorite types of crafts and where do you find inspiration?
I love to peruse Pinterest for ideas, it is a huge time waste, but I usually come out with a few fun ideas! I don’t know that I have a favorite type of craft but I am currently obsessed with Cricut vinyl projects!

Take a look at some of Hayley's craft projects below. Be sure to follow her on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Living on a farm has to be hard work. How do you manage your family and a working farm?
I am actually more in charge of all things indoors! My husband and his daddy run the farm. The boys have ponies that I help with and I garden, but otherwise, I keep to the housework and the kids!

Could you share some of your favorite bloggers or influencers on social media that keep you inspired with your crafting, DIY home decorating and life in general?  
I love the Certified Celebrator, she has such fun ideas about celebrating and sharing joy intentionally, so inspiring! Also, love the Ranchin_Mama, she has amazing style and her photos are drool-worthy!

What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas! I just love the magic of it all, and now getting to share that with my boys makes it even more fun! We have elves that come a week before Christmas and leave surprises in magic buckets, we make and decorate Christmas cookies, we look at Christmas lights, we make a gingerbread house, we have a naughty Elf on The we basically do all the things we can squeeze into one month!!

Enjoy the pictures below from Hayley's Christmas adventures and traditions!

How would you describe your decorating style?
Colorful Western Farmhouse is what I would call it! I adore vintage Wild West posters and lots of colors! Also anything distressed or antique! I am also an avid Fiestaware Collector, so that is a huge part of where the color comes from! I like my home to feel bright, happy, and welcoming!

What are five things that you MUST have to make it through the day?
Wild Strawberry Crystal Light, my phone, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, Clorox Wipes, and of course Coffee!!

We met through Country Woman Magazine Circle of Friends Group. What have you found to be the most beneficial part of the group?
I just love being a part of such a great publication! I have gotten to share so many of my ideas and gotten inspiration from some amazing women! It’s such a fun community!

What advice and suggestions would you give to someone looking to start their own blog?
Just go for it! It really is therapeutic to write down your thoughts, and if you are genuine, people will love it!


From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

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