Friday, September 7, 2018

5 Best Places to Buy Gorgeous Fabric

Being a "maker" is rewarding in so many ways. Although I'm still learning, I do take pride in the things I make with my hands. Like most other arts and crafters, I want to purchase the best quality materials at the best price point possible.

The five resources listed below are my tried-and-true, go-to resources for fabric. Each offers a little something different with either product, fabric lines or services to customers.

1. Fine Fabrics- (Snellville, Georgia)- If you are in the Atlanta Metro and haven't visited this place, you should do so ASAP. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Currently, you can't make purchases online from Fine Fabrics but please know that if you can do it, the drive is well worth your investment. The store is located a little over an hour from where I live and I never regret making the trip. The physical store is roughly 40,000 square feet and is fully-stocked (literally floor to ceiling) with industrial/commercial sized (54" and taller) rolls of upholstery and apparel fabric as well as any trim or sewing notion that you can imagine. You get a lot of bang for your buck at this store. The first time I visited, I thought I would go in and get inspiration while walking around. It's too overwhelming. Have a list of items and projects in mind before you make the trip. Make a plan.

2. Sew Stitching Happy (Iowa City, Iowa and online)-  Best.Etsy.Store.Ever. I don't give that endorsement lightly. Cassie Putney, shop owner gives world-class service and is relentless when it comes to making her customers happy and providing a quality product. You'll love her attention to detail and the love that goes into ever items/product that she offers.

3. Bloomerie Fabrics (Fredricksburg, Virginia and online)- I'm a wannabe quilter and hope to have more time to devote to this craft in my retirement years. In the meantime, I get to practice on weekends and holidays. Bloomerie Fabrics has darling quilt set kits, fabric bundles, home decor, and apparel fabric, patterns, notions, and more! The prices are very reasonable. All of my purchases/buying experiences with Bloomerie have been wonderful and exceeded my expectations.

4. FabricWorm (Paso Robles, California and online)- FabricWorm has the absolute best prices on name brand fabric fat quarters that I have found anywhere. The webpage also has a ton of free sewing tutorials and patterns. Free is one of my favorite words :)

Photo is courtesy and property of Missouri Star Quilt Company

5. Missouri Star Quilt Company (Hamilton, Missouri and online)- Full disclosure: I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I browse the webpage (even when I'm not looking to buy fabric) because it's Skittles for my eyes. It makes my heart so incredibly happy! The reasonably priced quilt kits, fabric bundles, and designer fabric line choices keep me coming back time-and-time again. The quality of products offered by Missouri Quilt Company is second-to-none. Owner, Sarah Galbriath has an inspirational story that you can read here. 

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What I'm Currently Watching:

Sharp Objects (HBO) - We actually finished the eight-part miniseries a few weeks ago but I'm still processing the characters and storyline. The show is haunting, to say the least.

The Crown (Netflix) - Starting this series tomorrow and excited to get a different perspective of the Queen.

What I'm Currently Making:

A wedding scrapbook for my niece (It's over a year late... still looking for the motivation to finish...)
A baby shower/baby's first-year scrapbook for my niece's sister-in-law (I'm also way behind on this project!)
Two toddler dresses made of plaid/festive holiday fabric.

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  1. Love them I just love it. I found some excellent fabrics from Spandex Collection in NYC near me which was a nice weight, not too beefy.

  2. So lovely dress that is. I just love it. I found some excellent fabrics from Spandex Collection in NYC near me which was a nice weight, not too beefy.

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