Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fall is in the Air "At Home"!

If you've never visited "At Home" you are missing out in a very big way. I first visited At Home two year's ago and it quickly became a favorite and go to for my home decor needs. 

I'm lucky to have two At Home stores close by. The inventory for everyday decor as well as furniture and outdoor furnishings is pretty amazing but when it comes to holiday decor, At Home really takes the cake. On my latest trip, I saw a set decorator buying tons of Christmas decorations. I talked to her for a few minutes and she was buying for a Christmas movie set but (for privacy reasons) she couldn't tell me the movie/production company, etc.  It's still neat to know that I might be buying the same items for my house that movie/production set decorators are buying!

Also, during my latest visit, I decided to take pictures and share some of my favorite items that are currently in store and available. If you don't live close by to a store, it's worth the drive! Check store locations here. 

On with the tour of a few of my favorite items!

For Fall/Thanksgiving:

This pillow is larger than it looks in the picture. How cute would this be on a couch or guest room bed?!

The next several pictures have tons of things I love! I'm not sure why, but I love pillows so much. I can't get enough of them in a variety of sizes, shapes, themes, etc. The autumn greetings pillow in the picture below is just gorgeous. I also love the pumpkin platter to the right that has an attached bowl for dips, etc. 

How cute is this sign?

This is a picture of more items in the same line as the gourd sign above. There are so many unique items that I haven't seen in other stores.

More pillows of course :) I love the woodlands animals in this display too.

One of the dozen or so aisles of fall decor currently available At Home. There are so many pieces I want to add to my own collection. It's hard to decide what to pick!

Another aisle of fall decor...

I couldn't do this post without sharing a few options for fall table linens.

So many gorgeous choices in this picture too. 

Some people may think it's a little outdated, but I still have a yard/garden flag and a house flag that change with the seasons. There are so many options available.

I couldn't agree more with this sign! Fall is such a magical time of the year.

Happy Halloween:

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that Halloween is my birthday. Halloween is a HUGE deal for us and we tend to go over-the-top with decorations and costumes. It's such a fun day for a birthday! 
I love this shadow box! This would look cute tucked into a vignette in my foyer. I will definitely add this to my collection. 

 I'm a sucker for the movie "Hocus Pocus". This pillow has got to come home with me.

I might have to get a tray that also says "Hocus Pocus". Why not, right?!?!

The displays in the store are pretty amazing, elaborate and impressive. Imagine having this butler greet people for your Halloween costume party. He would be a big hit!

This collection called "turq or treat" is a cute alternative to the traditional Halloween colors. I can picture pieces from this collection in a dorm room or part of a pre-teen girl's decor collection.

Such a cute sign...

More pillows and unique Halloween decor...

These leaning signs are so trendy this season. I might have to add this to my collection too!

So cute for a house with kids.

At Home has a ton of spooky Halloween decorations too...

This witch is spooky looking but I really like her!

Harlequin print anything gets my attention...


I love to decorate for Christmas and somehow find new themes/items that I must add to my collection every single year. Well over half of our garage is dedicated to Christmas decorations and trees but somehow, I still don't have enough.

Just to give you a little perspective of how large the store is, the picture below is what I saw on the right side of the entrance. The rough estimate for an At Home store is similar to a Lowe's or Target.

At Home organizes holiday decorations obviously by the holiday but also by theme. I will focus on three of the dozens of available themes. 

First up, Lavish & Luxe. This collection is perfectly suited for a little girl's room and even a special tree for her room. There is a definitive feminine tone but also a nod to the ballet, Swan Lake.

Here is one of the aisles dedicated to the Lavish & Luxe collection. So many gorgeous items to choose from! 

I love these trendy and magical looking unicorn ornaments. 

Can you imagine having a display of these horses (or the feathered swans) as part of your Christmas decorations? Absolutely gorgeous and over-the-top!

The ideas are endless with this theme. I can see using a lot of the items for a Victorian theme as well.

This ballerina is just as gorgeous in person!

This glitter and bedazzled dragon is so unique! Talk about a conversation piece!

All of the collections I saw have a coordinating Santa to match the theme.

More gorgeous picks for a tree, wreath or swag. 

Next, is the Winter's Evergreen theme. I decided to take a video of this collection just to show you the enormity of how many options you have as a customer. Keep in mind that this is only one half of one aisle. I saw at least two aisles dedicated to the Winter's Evergreen theme. 

One other theme, the trendy coastal/beachy option called Seas and Greetings

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of At Home. When you visit the store for yourself, plan on spending a few hours just to take it all in. Good luck with your treasure hunting and Happy Shopping! 

From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

Keep in touch!

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