Saturday, July 28, 2018

Southern Spotlight: Caroline King

This edition of Southern Spotlight features Mrs. Caroline King. I met Caroline at work and thought she would be a perfect feature for Southern Spotlight because she is a young, energetic, smart, vibrant and diverse woman. I know you will enjoy getting to know Caroline as well.

Describe yourself in five words.

Energetic, bargain shopper, foodie, pom-mom x2.

Caroline's fur babies Maxwell and Marlin. 
  Describe your typical day.

A typical day for me is to wake up, make sure that my Pomeranians are taken care of and make sure I get some coffee. I drive to work and do my daily duties until lunchtime. My lunch break is usually spent either running errands or working out. After work, I go home, eat dinner with my husband and spend a little time watching TV. I tidy up the kitchen, take a shower and then head to bed. On the weekends, I take it easy, spend time with my family, and enjoy my hobbies.

Tell me about your hobbies.

I have a wide array of hobbies: gardening, kayaking, playing around with my Cricut, and sewing. On weekends, walking the dogs is one of my favorite things to do other than shopping. Ever since we got MoviePass, my husband and I frequent different movies at different theatres around Atlanta. One of the coolest theatres has to be an old time theatre called the Tara with no stadium seating; it just gave off a retro vibe.

You and your husband are weekend warriors when it comes to DIY and home improvement. Tell me about your latest projects.

We have many projects that we are doing around the house. Our past projects have been a laundry room makeover and redoing the guest bathroom. My husband, Ben, made a sink out of tile, which is one of a kind. Our master bathroom is currently out of order. We removed the built-in fiberglass bathtub and shower to replace them with a tiled walk-in shower and a jetted tub. After that, we want to redo the kitchen countertops and add white subway tiles as a backsplash. We redid the staircase in our house two summers ago from carpet to hardwood. The after photo speaks for itself.

Before pic of the bathroom...

And after pic of the bathroom ...

Before pic of the staircase...

After pic of the staircase...

If you could open any business, what type would it be and why?

I love thrifting and always seem to find sales on expensive clothing for pennies on the dollar. I used to run an eBay store selling name brands at a discount. I hope that I will get back into selling as the summer ends.
What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue. It has been my favorite color since I was a kid and I always seem to be attracted to light blues when I am out shopping.
What is your favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday has to be Thanksgiving. The weather has cooled down. It gives everyone a chance to be thankful. It does not hurt that I also get to eat my Grammy’s sweet potato casserole.

How would you describe your decorating style?

My decorating style would be part farmhouse/farmers market and the other part Parisian. The colors in my house are black, white, and grey with pops of blue. I try to let my accessories do the talking and change the accessories seasonally. I enjoy this more than making more permanent changes to my house. I like to change my decorations as time changes.

Caroline's husband built this table in a day... So much talent!

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?

One thing that I would change would be getting my degree in Nutrition. I had too much on my plate so I switched majors to Public Administration my 2nd-semester junior year to be able to graduate on time. Now the possibility of going back school to get my Master’s in Nutrition gets me excited! We will see where that goes!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Caroline. Be sure to follow Caroline on Pinterest! She has tons of cute style and home decor ideas to share.

From our home to yours,

Wendy Q
CEO, The House of Qs

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