Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July from The House of Qs!

The 4th of July is the ideal and quintessential southerners summer holiday It offers a little bit of everything that we love;  great food, get-togethers, beverages, fun and colorful decorations, family, friends, travel, a day off from work, great half-off sales at our local Belk, and free entertainment in the form of colorful and crowd-pleasing fireworks. It's enough to make anyone excited and happy to see this day roll around every 365 days.

I had an opportunity to take a mini-vacation from work (a staycation, really) and was able to accomplish a lot!  In my mind, success is measured by intentional and clear actions with results that can be seen/felt immediately.

While enjoying my little "staycation" I've accomplished quite a bit. I managed to:

Paint baseboards and several walls in our house (instant gratification for me).
Reorganize and simplify my Pinterest boards and profile.
Take four carloads of stuff/clutter to Goodwill (I could haul off another four loads easily).
Stroll through my local Hobby Lobby on a Monday morning (this was a true gift and something I never thought would be so enjoyable). It was nice to shop/browse at my own pace and not be in a rush to go or be anywhere. 
Sleep and relax A LOT.
Watch Hallmark Christmas in July movies (a true mental break from the world and chaos).
Re-home three of our five foster kittens. I've included a few pictures of the kittens below :) These babies are pure joy and love. 

Also, I was surprised with a visit from my niece, her husband, and fur baby, Cooper. A day earlier,  my nephew made a quick stop to see his good ole aunt. Everyone was headed to Florida for a family vacation with my sister and her husband. 

Me and my nephew, Baley during a fast visit.

My niece, Jade, her husband Zac and their "baby" Cooper. He's a such a sweet boy! It was funny to see how our little dogs interacted with him! Everyone had fun :) 

Back to my to-do list: I also made plans for fall and early winter by picking decorations and themes for  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, (including menus, etc.). Don't think I'm crazy for this; I thrive and survive on planning ahead and working on my lists of to-dos. The earlier I start, the more prepared I am.

My husband and I got to visit our town square and have dinner together! We rarely get to spend any time together at all much less have a date. McDonough's City Square is so charming and quaint. We had dinner at Jim and Nicks BBQ. The new location just opened really close to our house and we enjoyed it. 

During my staycation I realized that I'd hit a milestone with my weight loss. To date, I've officially lost 65 pounds! Typing that number is easy but actually comprehending it is difficult for me. I still have another 40ish pounds to go so the journey isn't over. 

Also, please know that I did NOT have weight loss surgery or buy crazy wraps/drink mixes. There's no magic formula to losing weight. I lost every single pound by counting calories, grams of sugar and carbs, getting exercise and being accountable for what I do to my body. 

In early 2016, I was diagnosed as Type II Diabetic and started making better food and lifestyle choices immediately. It took almost two years to lose 65 lbs. and please know there were lots of ups and downs. My body demanded that I stop eating sweets and overeating carbs. Literally, my life depended on me making the changes and making better choices.  Below, a picture of me from earlier this week. 

Somehow, this post started with a Happy 4th of July "theme", staycations/productivity and then morphed into sharing my weight loss story so far. Maybe you (or someone you know) will be inspired by a piece or part of this blog post. Please feel free to share my blog with your friends and family! I'm always happy to meet and interact with new/current readers! 

Leave your comments below! I would love to hear from you. 

From our home to yours,
Wendy Q
Keep in touch! 

CEO, The House of Qs

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