Tuesday, November 28, 2017

UPDATE: Azalea Trail Maids 2018-2019 Court Selection

And here they are...
Your Mobile Azalea Trail Court 2018-2019!!

Photo is property and courtesy of Mobile Azalea Trail Maids. 

The Azalea Trail Maids are a right of passage to young adult women in Mobile, Alabama and the group dates back to the 1920's. Over the past several years, I have followed the application and selection process as well as final court choices and each year, I become more intrigued in this special group of young women. 

At the very heart of this program is a desire to serve and bring pride to the great state of Alabama. Southern girls are taught at a very early age that it's both a duty and pleasure to serve our committees and make our world a little better each day. The Azalea Trail Maid program instills this tradition and obligation in a whole new generation of girls. 

The large, initial application pool of 250 is cut to 100 girls by representatives from area high schools. It is then that out-of-town judges decide the 50 who will represent the Azalea Trail. The 50 girls are notified via US Mail (I love that!).

A few nights ago, the Meeting of the 100 was held and the candidates are in full interview mode. The interview process is famously difficult and challenging and can include questions relating to current events, the girl's resume, career goals, national/world issues, social change or Mobile history.

The 2018-2019 Court selection will be announced in mid-December.
 Be sure to check back on this blog for court updates. 

Becoming a Trail Maid is a family affair. Many of the mothers of Trail Maids have a “Trail Room” in their homes. Each girl receives a wooden holder to display the dress along with a hat, parasol, gauntlets, cummerbund, a bow with a sash, pantaloons, a long-line bra, shoes dyed to match the dress and a faux fur-lined cape (for cold weather). As you can imagine, many mothers also served as Trail Maids and want their daughters to carry on the tradition.

As with anything of quality, all of this does come at a cost. The dress alone starts at $3,000 (for a base model) and girls try to get on a seamstress’ dress list four years before even applying or being accepted to be a Trail Maid. Each dress is unique and takes roughly 200 hours to create and weighs 40-50 pounds.

Although the colors of each dress are assigned randomly and are separated into five groups of 10 (blue, green, yellow, peach and lavender), the queen is assigned the lone pink dress of the group.  One of the many benefits of being chosen to wear the pink dress is a full-ride scholarship to Auburn University. 

Enjoy the pictures below which are provided by the Mobile Azalea Trail Maid Program. 

Photo is property and courtesy of Mobile Azalea Trail Maids Organization. 

Photo is property and courtesy of Mobile Azalea Trail Maids Organization. 

Photo is property and courtesy of Mobile Azalea Trail Maids Organization.

Photo is property and courtesy of Mobile Azalea Trail Maids Organization.

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  1. Just came across your site and am enjoying it. I don't know if you've seen my mini-documentary on the Azalea Trail Maids but it is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9NLIJPJvqU (on youtube look up "WDW 4-8-12"). The was seven years ago. I wrote to Ashley Braden (appearance coordinator) to let her know I was doing a new video this year. Tomorrow I go to The Magic Kingdom to chronicle this years court in 4K.

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