Monday, October 30, 2017

21 Things That I Know for Sure

Tomorrow I turn 41 and this is officially my last post as a 40 year old person. I won't lie; it's been a rough year. There's been ups and downs (a lot of downs it seems) but I'm not complaining. 

Everyday is a gift and I'm glad to be given another day, month, year, etc. 

A few of my high school friends were commenting on a Facebook post yesterday that everything on the body goes down hill at 40 (I can testify that is correct). In my 40th year, I learned I have diabetes and it has effected every part of my body. My body chemistry has changed completely. 

So, this is 40...

Being 40 is liberating and exhausting at the same time. Staying home is a reward not a punishment. Watching TV with my my honey is my idea of a good time. Having three dogs to love is one of the best gifts I've ever received. 

What I know for sure:

1. I am becoming my mother (step by step). 

2. When I'm tired, I take a nap and my perspective on life changes. 

3. I'm no one's fool. 

4. I've learned to always opt for the more comfortable shoes. It's a little gift to myself every         day.

5.  My bladder is getting weaker. That's right; I said it. Gravity is already having her way              with my bladder.... and other girly parts. 

6. I cherish the time I have with my husband and our dogs. We will never have this time              again and my husband is truly my best friend.

7.  My backbone is stronger than steel. I fight for what I love and believe.

8.  Getting up off the floor is harder than it used to be. So is recovering from the flu/a hang         over, etc. 

9.  Kids really do grow up too fast.

10. The waxing lady at the nail salon/beauty shop can be your best friend or worst enemy.           Opt for best friend. 

11. Menopause is a real thing.

12. Diabetes serious business. 

13. When in doubt, I don't dress up. I just don't go. 

       13 a. When making any decision, if there's a pause or a sense of uncertainty/worry,                        always go with your gut. You have to live with the decision. 

14. Don't let anyone pressure you into a decision. They are usually the one who benefits            and you pay for it. 

15. Always give good gifts to others. Don't re-gift and expect the recipient to be elated.                 They know you re-gifted even if you don't think they know. 

16.  Drama is unnecessary and usually caused by a troublemaker/drama queen. Avoid both          as needed. 

17. When older people give me advice, I listen and ask questions. 

18. Parents mean the world. Cherish them. Call them and tell them how much you love              them. 

19. I'm learning to sew. Sewing is really hard and takes an incredible amount of time. 

20. Don't call little girls "divas". It's not a compliment. Tell her she is smart, creative, great at math or an excellent reader.  Remove diva from the American lexicon. (let's start this one today). 

21. Always buy low and sell high. 

Here's to another trip around the sun that is full of fun, great surprises and success!

Oh, and Happy Halloween! 

From our home to yours, 

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