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Southern Spotlight: Mercantile on Main Hampton, Georgia

In this edition of Southern Spotlight, I bring to you a new business in Hampton, Georgia and the sweetest store owner, Chrissy Adams. I learned about Chrissy and her shop, Mercantile on Main via Facebook and also from a word-of-mouth referral. 

It's an honor to celebrate and help spread the word of new and local businesses. I'm thankful that Chrissy is open for business and is right up the road from my house in McDonough, Georgia. 

Name: Chrissy Gasses Adams, owner of Mercantile on Main, Hampton, Georgia.

Describe yourself in five words. Mother, wife, busy, devoted, and eager. 

Describe your typical day. I wake up early, get my five year old ready for school and my 10-month old ready for the day and head to the Mercantile. My day is consumed with staging/straightening the store, school pick-ups, feeding kids, helping with homework, and spending quality time with my kids and husband. I try to fit some laundry or dishes somewhere in between.

You just opened a small business called "Mercantile on Main". What motivated you to become a business owner? I have always wanted to open a home decor store because I love all things home decor! I saw the building in downtown Hampton, Georgia and it happened to be up for lease. Everything fell into place.

Tell me and (my readers) about your business. My business is about giving customers any and everything they would need to furnish and decor their homes to give it a farmhouse feel without breaking the bank.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous inventory that is currently on hand in the store. I took these pictures a few weeks ago during the Grand Opening for Mercantile on Main. 

I love this chair! Can you imagine two of these on either side of a fireplace or picture window? 

If only I had an actual dining room in our town house... #TheStruggleIsReal

This couch is to die for! 

If you have never smelled a candle from the Park Hill Candle Collection, you don't know what you're missing! Run, don't walk right in to Mercantile on Main and grab a couple of these candles. They make great gifts for the birthdays or for the upcoming holiday season. You will want to grab a few for yourself too! 

I love how the candles are displayed. Not your typical cardboard display shelf for sure!

Chrissy also added the following pictures of new fall decor currently available in the store. I can really see using the majority of these pieces year round. 


 What advice would you give to a woman who is interested in starting her own small business? If you're able to, don't let anything stop you, just go for it. Have a great support system and try not to beat yourself up over small things along the way.

How did you discover your passion (if you have discovered it)? I picked it up along the years, but didn't really consider it a passion. I just knew I enjoyed decorating homes and received a lot of compliments on my own decorating skills. Before long people were asking for my opinions and help with their own homes.

Here's a few more examples of Chrissy's gift for decorating. 



What is your favorite holiday? Why? My kids' birthdays and Christmas, because I love everything being all about them.

For more information: 

Contact Information: Chrissy Gasses Adams

Social Media Handles for Mercantile on Main:
Instagram: MercantileOnMainHamptonGA
Facebook: MercantileOnMainHamptonGA
Email:  mercantilefurnishings@yahoo.com

Physical Address (brick and mortar location):
2 East Main Street
Hampton GA 30228

Store Phone: 678-782-6585 


If you have never visited Hampton, Georgia (or even if you have!) and happen to be in the Atlanta Metro area, it is worth the trip. Hampton is a short 28 mile drive from midtown but feels like a  million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You would  never know by looking at the charming downtown/main street area, that the Atlanta Motor Speedway sits less than a mile away. The town has done a wonderful job of keeping main street charming and quaint. 

Take a look at a few of the pictures I captured of Hampton, Georgia.

This picture makes me want to "sit a spell" and just people watch. 

If this picture of main street looks familiar, it probably is! The Walking Dead shot several scenes from past seasons on this street.  




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