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Jade & Zac's Fairy Tale Wedding- Part 1 of 2

The love story that began over 10 years ago was sealed with a kiss at sunset on 
Saturday, August 5, 2017, with a flawless backdrop of Siesta Key, Florida. 

The word perfect is not an adjective that I use lightly or often. In fact, it's one of those words that I try to avoid because it's so overused and tired and I find it quite annoying. But from start to finish of this wedding day everything was indeed, perfect. 

Zac proposed a little over a year ago and the wedding took almost a year to plan, but the love story will go on for a lifetime. 

I will do my very best to write the story of this unique event and show the right pictures to explain the love and joy of this special couple's wedding day. Keep in mind that the pictures shared on this blog were not taken by a professional but with  my own iPhone or a guest or 
member of the wedding party. 

Jade is a Disney super-fan and Cinderella's Castle has been in many of her vacation pictures. 

While the wedding guests arrived for the ceremony, a four-piece string quartet played Disney love songs from Jade's favorite movies. Among those love songs are "Tale as Old as Time", "Kiss the Girl", "So This Is Love",  "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and "A Whole New World"

Even now, the tears are rolling down my cheeks listening to the quartet. Before the wedding began, there were feelings of excitement, nervousness, happiness, joy and a thousand other emotions that I just can't describe. Around 30 or so close friends and family made
the trip to Siesta Key for the wedding. 

A few of the special friends and family as well as special aunts and uncles, and others that have been around the two families for so long that we don't actually remember how we met. 

               Below, Zac's dad, Ray and aunt, Rachelle pose for a quick picture before the wedding. 

  The groom with Debi, Jade's aunt (her dad's sister). She and her husband, Kenny made the trip                                             all the way from upstate Pennsylvania to attend the wedding!

Two of the gorgeous bridesmaids, Cortina and Racheal. 

Family friend, Jason Cheek stops for a quick picture with David Eplin the wedding
    officiant and also a family friend. 

Another family friend, Brady stops for a picture with my mom, grandmother of the bride.

Not only was the wedding beautiful, but the people who were joining their lives together are two of the most wonderful "kids" that I know. They work hard and they deeply and truly love each other.

Before I knew it, all of the guests were seated and the wedding party
 began to come down the aisle.

Groomsman, Kevin Brown escorts Maid of Honor and sister of the groom, Kellyn.
Kellyn is also expecting her first child in the fall! We are so excited to meet baby Connor.

                                         Bridesmaid Racheal and Groomsman Brandon Ellis.

Groomsman (and my handsome nephew) Baley Beckwith escorts Tabby Spence.

Next, the parents of both the bride and groom as well as my mom, the grandmother of the bride. Mother of the bride, Gina (my sister) and her husband, Todd. 

                                              Mother and father of the groom, Martha and Ray.

Grandmother of the bride, Sandra Lou and my nephew, Baley. Baley is carrying a rose in memory of my dad as well as he and Jade's grandfather, Donald.

Here comes the groom with best man, Cory and officiant, David Eplin


The wedding party and most importantly, the groom is waiting for his bride to arrive.

I should have known better than to think my sister would let her baby girl, Jade make an ordinary entrance to her own wedding.  Having grown up in the same house as my sister, I know to expect the unexpected and for surprises around every corner.

All of the guests and wedding party were looking in the direction of the aisle that we had just walked down. After a few minutes of searching for the bride with no luck, one of the guests said "Oh my word! Look at that!" To the left of the event space on the beach, this came around the corner carrying the bride and her dad, Chris.

"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid started to play from the string quartet in a romantic and slow melody.

No one knew about the horse-drawn carriage except for the bride's parents. Jade was told about the carriage when she headed out of the guest house to walk down the aisle.

Wow! Just wow! By this point in the ceremony, a constant stream of tears has ruined my makeup. 

I turn to catch the reaction on Zac's face when he saw Jade for the first time as a bride. This is pretty perfect in my opinion. Of all the moments that my amateur "photography skills" have captured, this is by far the most emotional and touching of them all.

Zac seeing our baby girl, Jade for the first time as a bride and his sister, Kellyn standing close by as the maid of honor feeling so much love, happiness, and joy for her brother. This one will be framed and treasured.

Another tear-jerker moment, Karen Hill who has been a part of both families for years says under her breath as Jade enters in the horse-drawn carriage "There's our girl... ".  She was right. There she was; our little girl. The little girl that we had all loved and watched grow from a baby to kid, to young teen and now into a woman. It all happened so quickly.
Wasn't she just seven years old a few years ago?

When Jade was young, she loved to ride her bike from my parent's house to her own parent's house which happened to be a stone's throw away from each other. She would pedal as fast as she could to get up enough speed and then stick both legs straight out to the side and coast the rest of the way to her porch. Her long, red hair blowing in the wind behind her, she was an absolute ball of pure love and gratitude. Where did that baby go? She was right here but now in the form of a beautiful, grown woman about to begin her own family and marry the love of her life. How did our family get so lucky to have her as our baby?  Who was there to bargain with God to convince Him to give her to us?  

             There was not a dry eye to be found among the wedding guests or the wedding party.
Jade and her brother Baley have been the center of our family since they entered our lives. Life without them would be so bland, lonely and empty. I feel blessed that I was chosen to be an aunt to these two incredible kids.

Okay, Okay! Back to the wedding :) Here comes the bride! All smiles while being 
escorted on her dad's arm.  

Jade's dad gave her hand in marriage to the boy we have all known 
for years was in fact, the one. 

The ceremony was touching and heartfelt. David, the officiant is a childhood friend and knew exactly the right words to say and the inside jokes to share. The vows were exchanged, a blessing was said and promises were made.

The ceremony came to an end and it was time to make it official.
Time to seal the ceremony with a kiss!

And just like that, she joined her life with his and they are 
now Mr. and Mrs. Robinson! 

Cocktail hour began for guests while pictures were made of the wedding party by the ocean. Here are a few shots of the outdoor lounge area as well as a broader shot of wedding guests enjoying the atmosphere and the view.

A variety of options were available during cocktail hour ranging from an open bar as well as fruits, cheeses, and non-alcoholic beverages. Musical entertainment was provided by the string quartet.

Pictures and details from the reception will be live on the blog this week! 
Check back often for more wedding updates. 

With warmth and love,

CEO- The House of Q’s
Keep in touch!

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