Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning Ideas from The House of Q's

Spring is a time of renewal and refreshing. I love the spring and getting out of the house for a simple walk or to do yard work and gardening. Part of this time of renewal is spring cleaning.

I've shared many times that The House of Q's is a townhouse in metro Atlanta with about 1400 sq. feet. You would think that cleaning after two adults and a few fur babies would be a snap but somehow, it gets away from me. I spent all of last Saturday spring cleaning the downstairs of our townhouse. That includes a living room/dining combo, kitchen, Master bedroom and two bathrooms. When I tell you it took me all day, I mean it took me ALL DAY.

Fresh gardenias really make the whole house smell amazingly welcoming and clean! 

About a year ago, I shared a post on how to deep clean your Master bedroom.  I never dreamed that 1800 people would click/read through the post! It's worth sharing again.. Click on the link above or click here to view the post. 

A snapshot of our master bath "after". 

This year, I took a little different route to the chore of spring cleaning. Charts and lists keep me sane so this printable from Glitter Guide was ideal for my needs. Although the chart is a guide to getting you through the process in one day, you can certainly use two or more days to get this finished. To print the chart, you will need to click this link. 

If you prefer a different format or reference, check out this guide from the queen of homemaking, Martha Stewart.  This list gives you photos and recipes for making your own household cleaners. 

And just because I love her sweet face and her show, I have to share spring cleaning tips from Joanna Gaines. Although I'm not a fan of the whole farmhouse trend that is currently sweeping through homes across America, I do love her! It's my  hope that she and Chip are as sincere and goofy as they seem on TV.  Traditional style is more my taste and comfort level.  Here is the link to Joanna's spring cleaning list. 

If you aren't ready for such a large undertaking, you can always use these shortcuts from Southern Living.  Leave it to Southern Living to help us bring everything together and exude southern hospitality. 

How do you spring clean? What are your tried and true tips and tricks? Please share your ideas! 

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