Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Hey, Where You From?"

Without fail, I am asked at least once a week "Hey, Where You From?".  My accent is weird and hard to pinpoint a geographic location of it's origins. There is certainly the southern West Virginia influence that causes me to speak in long "I's". Throw in eight years of influence from the low country of South Carolina and the added dialect I acquired by living in south Georgia. Weird is an understatement.

When people ask where I'm from I really don't know what to say. I'm from West Virginia (born and raised) and get teary-eyed when I hear "Country Roads" but I'm not sure that is home anymore. Beaufort, South Carolina is special because that's where I met and married my husband. We spent the better part of a decade in that little town and still have several friends in the area. It's hard to explain this accent in writing but listen to this recording of Ernest Hollings, former Senator for South Carolina.

We lived near Savannah for three years and I picked up a little of that influence from the locals. Click here to listen to the accent of a local Savannah tour guide.

I'm sad to say that I haven't stepped on West Virginia soil in almost two years. My family usually stops to see me on their way to Florida during summer vacation so I get to see them and love on them for a few days. Even when I go to West Virginia I feel like just a visitor now. How about Georgia? Is Georgia my home? My in-laws are in south Georgia and that's where we visit the most. Is that home? Is Atlanta home?  A little piece of my heart is in each place but it's hard to say where I feel at home...

The world is getting smaller thanks to technology and people have the ability to live and fly anywhere on the globe. It seems like no one lives where they are "from".

So I ask you, the readers of this blog "Hey, Where You From?"

With warmth and love,

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