Monday, December 19, 2016

The House of Q's Southern Holiday Home Tour 2016

This holiday season has been rough. I decided last minute to decorate and try to "make it work" in the wise words of Tim Gunn.

While I was at work last week, my husband  the elves were busy as little bees working hard to get the holiday cheer from the garage and into the house. There are two trees this year at The House of Q's each have different theme and feel.

Enjoy the mini Holiday Home Tour below (including instructions, tips and tricks)....

In the living room, I did really traditional decorations this year. Normally, I use these ornaments on the smaller tree in the guest room. This year, it just felt right. These ornaments are the special ones that my niece and nephew made or hold special meaning to our family. My dad's Harley-Davidson ornament is on this tree as is my parents love birds ornaments. All of our "couples" ornaments are also on this tree.

Please disregard the puppy dog beds in front of the fire place... Our babies love to lay in front of it and I didn't have the heart to move it.

Husband's chair with a few festive details...

I love this moose family that is inherited from my mother-in-law. There are ornaments on the tree that match these guys...

Now we are heading upstairs to the "fancy" tree as my husband calls it...

I chose to use poinsettia and magnolia picks, silver, cream and gold on this tree. It is my girlie tree and the one I have the most fun with. It is also the most work. My camera really doesn't pick up all of the sparkle on this tree.

I was able to include small touches of leopard print also. You have be careful with this print; it can be over powering and totally monopolize the look of your decorations.

When Santa brings our stockings this year, he will leave them under this tree. ;) That Santa is a pretty good guy..

Please share your tips and ideas. I would love to see your decorations and gorgeous homes!

With warmth and love,

CEO- The House of Q’s
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