Monday, October 10, 2016

Helping Neighbors, Family and Friends Recover from Hurricane Matthew

As our neighbors continue to assess the damage and recover from Hurricane Matthew, we should all pause and ask ourselves how we can be of help and assistance in this difficult time. Even if you live several miles or states away, there are ways to support your friends and family who have been impacted by the hurricane.

1. Donate to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army or another charity that supports the recovery efforts. 

2.  If you are local and are able, provide hot food, bottled water, basic first aid items and cleaning supplies to your neighbors.  If you aren't local, consider giving gift cards or cash to help with the recovery. This might be a tough one but would be much appreciated. 

3.  Volunteer. The United Way of South Carolina, Coastal Georgia, North Carolina and Florida are looking for volunteers to help with recovery efforts. 

4.  Offer to put your friends/family up for a few nights. Hotels and eating out are both very expensive. Even if you can host a few people for one or two nights, it will help them. 

If any of my readers have other ideas on how to help hurricane victims, please feel free to share in the comments section. 

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