Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Southern Spotlight: What is LuLaRoe?

If you haven't heard of LulaRoe you might be living under a rock. This little company has grown exponentially in just a few years. The clothes are cute, the styles are trendy and the prices are friendly. When I decided to do a post on LulaRoe, I knew exactly who to talk to: Melissa White. She has had tremendous success with the company and was happy to answer a few questions for the blog.

Read our interview below...

Tell me about your business....

I am a LuLaRoe independent consultant. I purchase inventory from LuLaRoe (not knowing what colors or patterns I will receive) and sell it to customers in-person parties or online parties. I've been doing this for six months!

How many hours do you work on an average day and how do you fit this business into your tight schedule?

I would say I work my LLR business an average of eight hours per day. I'm also an adjunct professor of Anatomy & Physiology at SWVCTC and a substitute school teacher. In addition to that, I'm a Mommy to Maggie, 11 and Connor, who is eight. They are busy kids!

The only reason I'm able to fit this business into my busy schedule is that I'm blessed to be surrounded by hardworking and helpful people. Shelley Frazier is my best friend and right hand in my LLR business. She is extremely organized and willing to work as many hours as it takes to get the job done. My husband John is very supportive and does far more than his fair share to help me. He transports clothing racks, assists with deliveries and drives our kids around in order to lessen my load. He told me from day one to give this 110% and he would be there to help. He hasn't faltered for a second. I'm also blessed to be surrounded by helpful family and friends that jump in when needed!

The popularity of LulaRoe has really exploded over the past several months. Why do you think the company has become so popular?

There are several reasons why I feel the company is thriving. Obviously the clothes are beautiful, comfortable, come in sizes for everyone AND are affordable!! But....the main reason I think the company is booming is the culture. Our styles have names! For instance, you can walk into Sam's Club and a complete stranger will run up to you and compliment you on your "Carly" dress! LuLa lovers are positive, complimentary people who are much like myself! They enjoy comfy, beautiful clothing that flatters their body type.

On my Facebook page, ladies can post pictures of their newest LuLa outfit with confidence, knowing that everyone will love it! The active members of my page are LuLa lovers and it creates a community of like-minded people to chat with and discuss something that is effortless...our clothes. In this stressful world, it's a great escape!

Do you believe there is a formula to follow for an entrepreneur to be successful?

I'm not sure there is a formula that will work for everyone in every business. I've seen hard workers fail. I've seen people who were passionate about their product fail too. I can tell you this: I personally could not sell something I didn't love. I am too honest to push a product on someone that I wouldn't spend my own money on. I truly love LuLaRoe clothing! When I open a box of new inventory, I'm like a child on Christmas morning! I can't wait to see what's inside! I think loving the product has to be the key ingredient if there is a formula, followed by lots and lots of hard work and willingness to please others.

What is a LuLaRoe pop-up boutique and how does it work?

A LLR pop-up boutique is a party that occurs at someone's home, church or work. I bring all of my clothes, clothing racks and baskets of leggings. Ladies try on clothes and have a blast shopping with their friends. Usually there are light refreshments served. The hostess gets a free item of her choice for every ten that are purchased at her party!

How do you generate new clients/leads?

So far I've done very little to generate new clients. When people love their clothes, they tend to talk about them constantly! My customers do all my advertising for me! They love LLR as much as I do. They have vast leggings collections that I catch myself envying at times.

What has been the most satisfying moment in your business?

It is very satisfying for me to be able to help a hostess build her LLR wardrobe through a party. Many of my hostesses are young students who want to buy it all, but can't afford it. They'll host a party and walk away with lots of free clothes and their effort was minimal. All they did was invite some friends over for a fun evening! It also gives me chill bumps when I know someone has searched the world over for a pattern and I finally get it in! I'm always sooo excited to tell them! Who doesn't love to share great news?

Where do you see your business in a year? Five years?

In a year I see this business exactly as it is now. I think I'll still be partying hard several times per week. LLR releases new items and holiday collections often enough to keep us all interested. I'm dying to see this year's Halloween collection!! I can't think about five years from now or I might cry. Maggie will be driving and my Mamaw will be 103! I can tell you this: I'll still be wearing LuLaRoe because comfort never goes out of style!

If any of my readers are interested in starting their own business (LulaRoe or otherwise), what advice would you give?

I would tell your readers to be very objective when they consider starting any new business. They should make a list of pros and cons. They should assess their personality and see if sales are a good fit. They should ask themselves if they are comfortable talking to strangers in new locations. They should see if they have the time and willingness to give their business the attention and nurturing it will require. I would tell them that it isn't always fun and that sacrifices will have to be made. No matter how efficient you are, each of us only get 24 hours each day.

Prepare to be exhausted and realize that being tired is a blessing! It means you are busy! It's a sign of success!!

For more information about LulaRoe or to purchase items from Melissa, please visit her business page.

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