Friday, September 9, 2016

Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

There's two types of people in the south; those who wear white after Labor Day and those who do not. I am the later.

Before I proceed with this post, I am fully aware that outside of the south this rule may not apply (I'm sure white is worn all year in Miami or Southern California). Make no mistake that this rule is alive and well in both modern and traditional southern society and culture. The only other exceptions to this rule that I can think of is a bride wearing white for her wedding or a debutante being presented in a white gown (which is mandatory).

No matter what side of this debate that people are on, they are passionate. More modern people say 'It's a new day' and people can wear whatever they want." I always think of the People of Wal-Mart webpage and how literal people have taken their freedom of expression concerning clothing.  If you haven't seen the People of Wal-Mart webpage, please do yourself a favor and take a look.

Long story short: don't wear white after Labor Day because 1). It's tacky and 2). It's bad manners; just as bad as burping or cursing in public. I tend to follow the rule of "If there's a doubt, then don't".

Jane Herlong, motivational speaker and author said it best:

 "The day after Labor Day is secretly celebrated as finding out who is one of our kind.  A true Southern woman only has to glance down and have her curiosity and heritage satisfied. It is a private club with no meetings and only one activity.  The dues, however are enormous...."

While writing this post, I asked a "seasoned" southern belle if she could think of any other fashion faux-pas for southerners. She had several to share (no surprise there). Here is a very brief list of her no-no's: 

1.  The only time of the year appropriate to wear velvet or velour is Halloween through Valentine's Day
2.  A baby should only wear pastels for the first 12 months
3.  If the weather is cold enough to wear socks, don't you dare wear open-toe shoes
4.  Never wear more than 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry (this includes your wedding ring set)
5.  Clothes should never be tight or sheer
6.  White shirts require a beige or nude bra
7. Flat front khakis are made for a reason... pleats do not belong on the front of pants

Are there any other fashion rules that you follow to the letter? How did you first learn about the rules? I would love to hear from you!

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