Saturday, September 3, 2016

Business Meetin' at the Cracker Barrel

This morning, I had a business meeting at our local Cracker Barrel (welcome to the south). I never need an excuse to go into Cracker Barrel and try to make a habit of visiting at least once a month.

After my meeting, I took a few minutes to look around the store. There are so many gorgeous things already on display for the holidays! Take a look below.

These little pink and white houses make me want to do a whole room in this theme! 
The entire tree is beautiful. 

I fell in love with this ornament door. This would be so cute for newlyweds to have personalized. 

Maybe I should do a snowman theme this year......

This nightlight is adorable and would look so pretty in a kids room or hallway

I love how big and bold ornaments are now. The Merry Christmas banner at the top of the tree is going to be a big trend this season. All of the trees in the store had a large banner that matched the theme of the tree. 

Cute, cute, cute ornaments...

These shirts and accessories are over by the pink/girly holiday decorations. I think they are just darling. Imagine wearing a pair of jeans with these tops and adding a necklace. 
You could wear that all fall and winter long. I'm definitely going back for a couple of these. 

These pretty little accessories boxes would look nice on a dresser or nightstand all year. I thought they would also make sweet gifts or stocking stuffers for the girly-girls in your life. 

I don't want to skip fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving! 
Look at the displays that are out for harvest time.

I'm loving this witch. It looks like she is staring right at me! 

Gorgeous Thanksgiving decorations and accessories just waiting to go to a new home. 

Are you ready to decorate for the holidays? What are your traditions when it comes to decorating? 

With warmth and love,

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