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Day Trippin- Senoia, Georgia

This weekend, my husband and I were able to sneak an afternoon away and go to one of our favorite small towns in Georgia: Senoia. Senoia (rhymes with enjoy)has been the location for several movies and TV shows including Driving Miss Daisy, The Walking Dead and Fried Green Tomatoes.

I'm not the kind of girl who is normally into zombie shows but I love The Walking Dead. The show is about so much more than zombies. In my opinion, zombies on the show represent something that is evil or the opposition. We all have something that we fight/struggle with or see as the opposition. I think that's why the show is so popular; people identify with trying to survive in an uncertain world and fight day in, day out for what they believe in or what's important to them. While the characters are living their complicated lives, they are forming relationships with strangers, learning how to survive/who they can trust, and to how to take care of their families and others that they love. Sounds like real life to me...

We love visiting Senoia not only to see the locations in The Walking Dead but the town is so charming and welcoming. We have been several times but always look forward to spending an afternoon or day in the town. It's a hop, skip and a jump from our house so we can be there within about 20 minutes.

I love this little walking path in the center of town. It leads to a small gazebo.

This is the downtown area of Senoia. This street also served as "Woodbury" a few seasons back when we were all introduced to the Governor.

During this trip, we tried a new restaurant called "Nic and Norman's". The eatery is owned by Greg Nicotero, director and special effects supervisor and Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead.  

I was torn between the bison burger and the pasta. It's pretty hard to mess up a burger so I went with the safe choice. Here's a few pictures from our experience at Nic and Norman's.

Here is a picture of my meal.. The drinks are served in Ball jars which gives the place a very laid back feel. My meal was good but next time, I'll order one of the specials.

 A few words from the owners on the inside of the menu.

A look at the interior of the restaurant. It is for sure one of those places that you come as you are. There is no reason to get all gussied up for this place. I think that it to be expected though when you are in a touristy location.

After we finished eating, we did a little shopping and exploring in town. There are a lot of neat little shops on the main street and plenty of tour companies who offer a variety of experiences. The last time we were in Senoia, we drove around and located the pudding house. If you are a fan of the show, you remember the house where Carl at the 5 pound can of pudding. That house is in Senoia and is currently being renovated. I'm sure that the owners were paid a pretty penny to allow the show to film in the home.

We decided to go to the Walking Dead Gift Shop because they always have the coolest merchandise. There's also a "museum" in the basement of the gift shop that has lots of props and memorabilia from the show. Take a look at some of the cool merchandise below.

Here are some cool pictures from the "museum".

These cells were so neat to see and actually walk inside. The actors must have felt so cramped.

Remember this picture from the Governor's apartment? Andrea has asked about his family and wanted to know what happened to them...

This was one of the best parts for me. The cage that the Governor locked up his daughter, Penny after she turned into a walker. So cool... The pictures above the cabinet are actually monitors and it looks like the containers with the human heads in the Governor's apartment. You will also notice all of the autographs on the walls. The stars of the show, both current and former have signed their names and a little funny note.

Remember the chair where Andrea was left for dead?

Remember when Beth tried to commit suicide in the bathroom at Hershel's farmhouse? This is the frame/mirror/prop that was used in the scene. Side note: Hershel's farmhouse was a set and had to be torn down because so many people were trespassing.

I cannot do a Walking Dead post without including one of the most famous props of all; Darryl's motorcycle.

This is actually one of several prop bikes that were used on the show.. Still pretty cool to see in person.

Here's a few pictures from outside the walls of Alexandria. There are barricades keeping fans from getting any closer than this.

And here we are... two cheeseballs happy as clams to be in the mecca for The Walking Dead fans. I hope to bring you more blog posts about our Day Trippin' adventures.

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