Monday, June 13, 2016

Southern Spotlight Official Brand Launch

I started this little blog (originally called Life and Times of a Southern Newlywed) back in 2009 as a vehicle to connect with other southern girls living life, building careers and families and trying our best to make a nice home for ourselves and our spouses. All while dressing our best, cooking our best and keeping everything balanced.

The blog has had some changes since 2009. I changed the name because I was no longer a newlywed. I shifted from projecting “perfection”. There’s no such thing.

What has stayed the same with the blog is an underlying theme of inspiring and connecting with other women. In the past two years, the blog has grown by leaps and bounds. The last Southern Spotlight post received over 1,100 clicks! That’s pretty good for a little blog with no advertisers or sponsors. I’ve met so many women through blogging and am lucky enough to call them all friends. What a blessing it has been!  

Because I’m not one to sit on my hands or be idle, I’ve decided to expand the blog a little more and see where this goes.  Why Southern Spotlight? The purpose is to share stories and the lives of women from all backgrounds and occupations. Every life and every journey matters; especially here.  When I approach some of the ladies for Southern Spotlight they say “well I’m not interesting!” or “I’m just a mom… no one wants to read about me!” 100% of the time they are wrong. By far, Southern Spotlight stories are my most popular posts. They are real. They are unfluffed (sp). They are the truth.

Now, on to the brand unveiling. Starting today, Southern Spotlight posts will be accompanied by the logo below.

Check out some of the most popular Southern Spotlight posts here, here and here.

There are more exciting changes coming soon. Stay tuned!

With warmth and love, 

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