Sunday, June 5, 2016

Southern Spotlight- Ashley Farley

I first met Ashley when she was only two years old. Her mother and my older sister were close friends and lived in the same apartment complex. The first time I remember meeting Ashley she talked me into playing tea party and dress up. I must have been 13 or 14 at the time but when a kid hands you a tea cup, you pretend to drink tea!

Ashley is a full-time mommy and wife and spends her days taking care of others. I introduce to you, Ashley Farley. 

Describe yourself in five words.

Christian, Wife, Mother, Energetic, & Social Butterfly  

You are a stay-at-home-wife and mommy. Describe your typical day to me and my readers.

I am always super busy, most days I feel like I never stop. I wake up between 6:30-7:00 am and start getting myself and both of my children up and ready to head out the door for school. I volunteer at the school a lot and usually if I am not there then I have a doctor's appointment to go to. After, I go home and clean up as much as I can before having to go get the kids from school. After that, the chaos begins as soon as I get the kids from school we go home, do homework, I feed the kids, change into either practice or game clothes and then head out the door for a fun evening of both kids in sports. Right now they are both involved in something, My son plays basketball and my daughter plays softball t-ball. So I am all over the place!

On the days I don’t have to live by a schedule, I am at the park with the kids, drawing with them, watching movies, cuddling (we love to cuddle in this house), building Lego's, fixing Barbie’s hair, reading to the kids or singing and dancing in the living room. Just simply having fun!

I also do sign language and praise dances in church, so in my down time I am always learning a new song or working on one that I want to do more with. Even when I am in my car I am listening to my Praise & Worship music and running movements or sign through my head. I love dancing for the Lord and giving back to him for ALL that he has done for me!

Tell me and my readers about your adorable kids.

My babies are my world, everything I do is all for them. Johnny Lee is seven, he is extremely intelligent, loves sports, video games, drawing and one of the funniest kids I have ever known. He is my cuddle buddy and always the first one to jump in to help me or anyone else if needed. He is a true gentleman who loves the ladies! He is always opening the doors for us and saying “ladies first” and walks his sissy to class everyday and is always looking out for her.

Adalyn is five, she is also so smart it blows me away, she is so sweet but yet spunky as can be. She looks out for her brother just as much as he looks out for her. I feel sorry for his future girlfriends Adalyn is ALL GIRL she loves her hot pink lipstick, her purses, high heels, hair bows, dresses and everything princess. She is most definitely the independent one. It's very rare that Addy wants to cuddle but when she does she doesn’t want you to do anything else. 

Both of my kids are so different but so much alike. They fight like cats and dogs but they love each other more than anything. They drive me crazy but they make life worth living. I cannot even begin to imagine my life without them. 

You are a Disney fanatic! What is it that you love about Disney and how did you become interested in Disney?

I have loved Disney all my life!!! Growing up Disney taught me how to love whole-heartedly, be passionate about whatever I do and to stand for what I believe in.

Like Ariel, I fell in love at a young age. I was 15 when I met the love of my life, He came into my life at the most perfect time and we have been together ever since. When I first met Johnny I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my whole life with and there was nothing that could change my mind.
I relate Pocahontas, when I set my mind to doing something I do it and I am very passionate about everything I do and everyone I love. I am also a peacemaker, I hate to argue or think that anyone is upset with me for any reason.

I am also a lot like Tinkerbell too, I am short, blond, big blue eyes, sassy, and I love crafting, so I guess I'm a tinker ;) Art and crafting is my way of relaxing. I can zone out and give all my stress to the pencil or paintbrush.

Tell me and my readers how you define a southern belle.

A Southern Belle to me is a woman who is family oriented, classy, well-dressed, thoughtful, & caring towards others. Oh and they must drink lots of sweet tea ;)

What is your favorite color? Why?

My favorite color is purple, I’m not really sure why I have just always been drawn to it for some reason.

What is your favorite holiday? Why? 

HALLOWEEN!! Oh I love Halloween so much, it makes me so happy.
I love for my husband and I to dress up with our kids and take them out trick or treating. It's just so much fun and it’s the one time of year we can be someone different.

What is your decorating style?

I am slowly but surely transitioning over to “junk gypsy” but for now it is country style.

How do you balance it all?

I live by a calendar! My little calendar on my phone is covered in little blue reminders. If I don’t put it in my phone  I will never remember it.

What advice do you have for other mommies and wives who are trying to balance it all?

My advice would be to use a calendar or write yourself reminders, we are moms and we have what I like to call “Mommy brain”, we tend to forget things a lot but it’s OK! Also don’t forget to slow down and hug your family tight, take out time to play with your kids, watch a movie with your husband. Don’t let time pass you by without making sure the most important people in your life know how much you love them!

With warmth and love, 

CEO- The House of Q’s
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