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Geranium Festival 2016- McDonough, Georgia

Festival season in the south is underway! The 39th Geranium Festival is one of my favorites because 1. it's in our little town that's comfortably south of Atlanta and 2. admission and parking for the event are both FREE! 3. the food is amazing 4. I love the arts and crafts booths!  Just about the only thing that this festival is missing is a beauty pageant. I'll have to talk to someone about that...

The local 4-H chapter sells geraniums at the festival to raise funds for the group. They are really sweet kids but then again, I'm impartial because I was a 4-H kid. :) 
Click here to see a list of festivals in Georgia. You can also search other state festivals on this webpage.

The 39th Geranium Festival was held on Saturday, May 21 in downtown McDonough.  If you  have never visited McDonough, make a point to do so. It is 35 miles south of Atlanta but feels like a different world. I am no urban girl. I prefer being able to spread out and feel safe in my home. McDonough was a natural choice for us when we were looking for a place to live. The past two years have been rough and a big adjustment but when I cross over that Henry County line everyday, I feel like I can exhale and relax. I cannot possibly talk about the Geranium Festival without mentioning the Lions Club of McDonough. This group is responsible for planning and implementing this event every year. Check out the McDonough Lions Club webpage here. 

My mom is in town visiting so my husband and I decided to take her out on the town for the festival. First stop: the tomato sandwich booth sponsored by the McDonough Junior Women's Club.  I have known the president of this group, Brandie since we moved to McDonough and she is such a sweetheart. She also has a photography business and is a realtor... I'm tired just talking thinking about it. :) Check out Brandie's photography business here.

Now, on to the tomato sandwiches!

Photo is property and courtesy of Mary Souto
My husband enjoying his tomato sandwich during the Geranium Festival.
After we got our bellies full, we wandered around and looked at the vendor booths. There were so many pretty things to see! Take a look for yourself.

These wooden door decorations are so popular right now. Most of the women
at the festival ended up buying at least one.  
There were several tents of bows for girls. You know the bigger the bow,
the more your momma loves you :) 
More wooden decor...
Gorgeous wreaths and silk floral arrangements were very popular. 
This was purchased as soon as I finished taking the picture! 
Lots of deco mesh wreaths and owls...
More silk flower arrangements and wreaths.
I loved these mason jar shaped door hangers but I couldn't think of a
 place to put one at my house. I have a lot of stuff to decorate with so I decided to pass.  
That apple would be perfect for a teachers classroom door. :) 
Lots of options for the football fans...
Personalized goods for days and days... 

Lots of gorgeous southern outfits for little girls. 
Walking in high cotton :) 
I love these birdhouses!

I hope you  have enjoyed this little tour of the 39th annual Geranium Festival and would love to see pictures of fairs and festivals where you are. Who knows, maybe I'll feature YOU on my blog! 

With warmth and love, 

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