Sunday, March 27, 2016

Writing the Perfect Thank You Card

So many times I give gifts and receive wonderful "thank yous" in return. A few months ago, I attended a bridal shower for my sweet friend, Piper. I was excited to finally meet her and her mother in person (we all meet through blogging) and also because I hadn't been to a bridal shower in years. That happens as you are approaching 40. At my age, friends who are having second weddings or vow renewals no longer make the day a large scale event. The days are catered more for very close family and friends.

I digress. Miss Piper followed proper southern standards and made sure that her guests received thank you cards within three days of the event. I can almost bet that Piper's mother had her writing thank you cards before she hit double digits in age.

Take a look at the thank you card I received.

Piper's thank you cards coordinated with her shower invitations  and theme for the event. I love her attention to details! 

Piper's sweet words and thoughtful message.

Piper used a workable formula to write my thank you card and honey, it works! There are literally dozens of ways to write a thank you card but here are a few of my personal suggestions.

1.  Dear, (recipients name) _____________ (I also like to add the month and the year that I sent the card. Place this information in the top right hand corner of the card.)
2. Thank you for the _____________ (be descriptive here. It's always better to include details to ensure that you actually remember the gift that the sender gave to you). For the love of almighty, do not send a card that says something like "Thanks for the gift. I appreciate it." 

3. State how you plan to use the gift. If it's something for your home, say where you will display/use the item. If it's dishes, describe how/when you will use them. If the gift is a gift card/money, describe what you plan to buy. 

4. Say how thankful you are to have the person in your life. Something like "I'm so blessed to have a friend like you during this exciting time in life and always!"

5. Close the note with some sort of "Thanks again!" Something like "Thanks again for the beautiful throw pillows! They will go perfectly on the couch in our new place."

6. Sincerely, (your name)______________________

Pretty simple, right? I think so! Also, I recommend that you keep some cards on hand for impromptu thank you cards/notes. For example, a friend or neighbor brings over a casserole unexpectedly. Do not let the opportunity pass to give her a thank you card. Simply write it out (using the easy steps above or your own formula) and place in her mail box or by her front door.   

Also, there can be confusion on whom to send a thank you card to. My rule of thumb is if you receive a gift/thoughtful gesture from someone that lives outside of your home, send a thank you card. 

Here's a sample of a few cards I keep on hand for not only thank you notes but other unexpected or unplanned events as well. 

Some card designs are more intricate and expensive than others and that's okay. It is truly the thought behind the card that matters most. 

I hope that this posts inspires you to write more thank you notes! 

Until next time, 

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