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How to Host a Swap Party

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We all have too much stuff. We have been shopping our entire lives and somehow, never have a thing to wear. I look in my closets and think "That's cute but it just fits me weird" or "I like it but don't have anything to wear with it". Before donating the items to charity, try to swap them with friends. What's a swap party you ask?  A swap party is the new and trendy way to update your wardrobe without spending a dime. I've hosted a swap party in the past and it was a huge success! Take a look at my swap party hosting tips below.

1. Invite a lot of girls. If the swap party is for clothing, make sure to invite girls of all shapes and sizes (8-12 girls is the perfect number of guests). You want everyone to be able to swap/trade and to have options. If you decide to invite more, have a friend help you with hosting.

2. Use a ticket system. If a girl brings 15 items, she gets 15 tickets to use in the swap. This keeps the swaping process fair. You don't want a girl to bring 20 items and only leave with 5. The ticket system will save you a lot of headache and is pretty easy to implement.  I used this template from Word and simply printed tickets.

You could also use pre-printed tickets that can be purchased at most big box stores. 

3. Use a tagging system for items.  Tagging all the items and identifying which pieces belong to whom will save you a lot of trouble. Use a template and send to each girl before the party or use a color coding system. Make sure that each girl knows her tag color prior to the party.  If you use a taggings system, tags should include the owners name, size of item and an identifying number or code. Here is a tag template that I have used in the past. Tagging items is the responsibility of your guests. Make sure this is clear from the start. 

4.  As the host, your job is to provide attractive and easily accessible places to display items (clothing racks, tables, etc.) and to set the ambiance for the entire party (play Pandora or your iPod for background music).  An absolute must is providing food to your guests. The food spread doesn't have be to elaborate but it should be welcoming and season specific. If your party is during the warmer months of the year, serve chicken salad, croissants, cheese and crackers, a fruit tray, some sort of dip as well as champagne, water and sweet tea. There should be a variety of food but not an entire buffet. This ain't a holiday dinner, y'all.

5. Send an invite.   You can use evite, email or a paper invitation.  The invitation should be sent at least two weeks in advance of the party.  The invitation sets the tone for the whole event so make it sweet, simple, quirky or fancy. Let your own personality shine.

6. Set the standards. Clothing, shoes and jewelry are all fair game as long as all items are in good condition and in current style. Emphasize these standards on the invitation.

7. Let the party begin!   Have fun and enjoy having guests in your home.

For more visual ideas for hosting a swap party, visit Catch my Party Sip and swap and also from Catch my Party, Pink Diamond Clothing Swap.

Kate from Southern Belle Simple has some swap party hosting tips too.  She is the sweetest girl in the world. If you don't follow her blog, stop what you're doing and check it out right now! 

Miss Kate from Southern Belle Simple has the most interesting and encouraging posts of any other blog I follow. She cares about her readers and has her finger on the pulse of what's new and trending all while keeping one foot in her traditional, deep-rooted southern past. It is a joy to know her and I think you will enjoy knowing her too. Check out her blog right now :)  

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Photo is courtesy and property of Southern Belle Simple

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