Sunday, March 6, 2016

Have You Shopped "At Home"?

I'm a born shopper. I love everything about including the hunting, the bargains and of course the capture and bringing my finds home! One of my co-workers is also a bargain hunter and told me about a store called "At Home". I had never even heard of the store. Come to find out, I drive passed this place everyday! 

When I tell you this place is awesome, I mean it's awesome. To get an idea of the size and product lines, think of a Sam's Club/CostCo  and Marshall's/TJ Maxx combined. I can get lost in this place! 

I've added some pictures of my experience below BUT I didn't even see some parts of the store! If you are close to an "At Home", I encourage you to go take a look when you have a few hours to burn. The sheer size of the store and the massive amount of merchandise can be overwhelming. I suggest you take the store in pieces. Shop one section at a time and then take a break. Every style and theme of home decor is available at this store. This must be the kind of store that the shows on HGTV utilize when staging and flipping houses. 

Take a look at some of the pics below from my local "At Home"

The following several pictures were taking in the patio/seasonal area of the store. There are 20 rows of patio furniture, cushions, fountains, flower pots, etc. That's right, 20! 


Next, I wandered over to the throw pillow section. I thought there would be one big aisle to choose from. No. Y'all, there's ten rows of throw pillows! 


While I was over by the throw pillows, I caught a glimpse of the wall decor section. Another 20 rows of wall decor (not counting the mirror section) - everything from shelves to larger than life art on canvas. Take a look. 

Check out a few rows from the glassware section. I had to get a picture of the enormous selection of clear glass vases and containers. 

On my way out the door, I noticed the patriotic/Fourth of July section. I could see so many of these pieces on my own porch to help celebrate the summer holiday! 

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