Monday, February 29, 2016

Southern Spotlight- Mandy Peacock Harris

In today's Southern Spotlight, I introduce to you Miss Mandy Peacock Harris. 

I “met” Mandy a few years ago through Pinterest after I followed ALL of her boards and we eventually connected via Facebook. I love all of her posts and thought you may like to get to know her as well.

Read our interview below... 

Describe yourself in five words... Southern, Extrovert, Enduring, Loyal, Charming. 

How did you choose real estate as your profession? I had always wanted to be a Realtor from as long as I can remember. My granddaddy had a friend when I was a little girl that was a Realtor. I remember seeing her drive up our driveway in her black Volvo and blond hair and said one day hat will be me! Here I am finally a Realtor with blond hair and a black Volvo. It was a slow time getting here. I received my degree from Georgia College in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations but soon realized that degree would not be profitable in Milledgeville and wasn't as eager to move as I thought I would be. I have been a social worker, a business owner a fund raiser and now finally a Realtor. Each career path has molded me and helped me to be the person and Realtor that I am and has without a doubt prepared me for almost anything. Check out Mandy's business page here.

Tell me about your town.. The town of Milledgeville… Milledgeville is the most amazingly quaint town ! We were the first capitol of Georgia and embrace our history with pride. Our town is full of friendly faces, antebellum homes, streets lined with azaleas, magnolias and dogwoods. We are truly fortunate to have 2 wonderful universities here, GeorgiaCollege and State University along with Georgia Military College which also serves as a prep school. GMC is actually on the grounds of the old capitol and the Old Capitol Building is actually restored and has classroom space, a museum and legislative chamber. Milledgeville is home to renowned author Flannery O'Connor, Oliver Hardy , Carl Vinson and several other notable southerners. We are also considered Georgia's Lake Country with miles of beautiful water perfect for fishing or relaxing. Milledgeville is definitely one of those Hallmark movie towns with quaint downtown shopping, restaurants, and coffee shops and the nicest people anywhere. 

Tell me about your faith and your church life... My faith is very important to me. Being a southerner we are raised to have God in our lives from a very early age. Saying prayers and singing hymns was something my grandmother instilled in me from as early as I can remember. My son is the 4th generation to attend First Baptist Church in Milledgeville and I hope he will continue that tradition with his family one day.

You love all things southern…. Tell me and my readers how you define a southern belle. A Southern Belle cannot truly be defined , it's just what you are. You are either born with those traits or you aren't. I can tell you all belles try to be polite, welcoming, and most definitely resilient. Very few things will bring us down. We all appear to be most definitely a lady but we all have that inner Scarlett O'Hara when she needs to come out. We are welcoming to a fault and will invite anyone to share our sweat tea on our front porches served right out of our grandmother's pitcher. You've always found a true friend with a southern belle just don't take us for granted because we will "Bless Your Heart" and leave you wondering how to take that statement and being belle we certainly wouldn't tell you.

What is your favorite color? Why? Without a doubt my favorite color is pink. How can anyone look at pink and not feel better!

What is your favorite holiday? Why? My favorite holiday is a hard one. I was going to say anything during the fall, but then I quickly changed that to Christmas, then again to Easter and the 4th of July! I can't choose just one! I love them all and embrace every element. I decorate for each and everyone from my front porch to every inch of the inside and am always searching recipes for that time of year. I like to have a season to always look forward to.

What is your decorating style?  My decorating style is just as "sparkly" as my personality, or I have been told. My family has collected antiques for years so I certainly got that bug as well. My home is a combination of antiques, lots of cut glass and crystal , faux fur and fresh flowers from my garden. I like for my home to be pretty but welcoming. I was never one of those mothers that put up the crystal when my son was born. I wanted him to grow up around it, to appreciate it and enjoy it. Every day we are able to wake up and enjoy the day is a day to celebrate! I believe in making my home, or at least try to make my home, just as beautiful as life itself! If something breaks, it's okay because it's meant to be enjoyed.

Take a look at Mandy's Pinterest Boards here. 

How do you balance it all? Balancing everything I do isn't hard for me because I love every minute of my life and what I do. Being a mother, a Realtor and a homeowner is time consuming but I never feel as though any of them is overwhelming to me. I try to surround myself with wonderful friends, family and things I love along with an exciting career and I find I am happy most of the time. However, every once in awhile a glass of wine and bubble bath will do the trick when nothing else does What advice do you have for my readers who may be interested in being a realtor? The best advice I could give someone looking to become a Realtor is not to give up. Real Estate can be a difficult profession. It takes awhile to learn the business and most importantly it takes to learn what works for you. Be true to yourself and your clients and you will be successful.

With love and warmth, 

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