Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to Deep Clean Your Master Bedroom...

Springtime is right around the corner which means spring cleaning isn't far behind. Spring is a time of renewal, starting fresh and God's flowers and trees coming alive again, Spring is a wonderful time of year and by far one of my favorites.

With all this starting-fresh business, we must look into our own homes for rooms that need to be renewed, refreshed or revamped all together. Here are the steps that I follow when deep-cleaning our master bedroom:

1. It's pretty obvious but strip your bed. Everything from the dust ruffle, mattress pad, etc. must come off the bed and make a trip through the washing machine (pillows included).

***If your bedding needs to be dry cleaned, I suggest sending these items out for cleaning twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. ***

2. Scatter baking soda on your mattress and let sit for 10-15 minutes. This will refresh your mattress and take out any smells that may be trapped in the fabric. Vacuum before returning your sheets and bedding.

3. Remove curtains and window treatments, clean windows and dust the interior of the window. Use your vacuum cleaner if necessary. Run your curtains through the wash when your bedding is finished.

4. Clean your headboard. If it's fabric, use the vacuum. If your headboard is made of wood, give it a good clean with furniture polish.

5. Spread a flat sheet over your bed. This area will be your work space. Now, remove everything off of the dresser, nightstands, tables, etc. and give everything a good wipe down and dusting. Use this opportunity to remove any cobwebs or dust from your walls and ceiling. A vacuum cleaner may do the trick. I purchased this from to help with my ceiling dust bunnies.  Remove old magazines, books and general clutter from the room. If you don't have another home for it, donate it to your favorite local charity. Remember that the master bedroom is your sanctuary and should be free of clutter.

6. Replace items to the proper place in your bedroom and remove any items that belong in another room of the house.

7. Vacuum, sweep/mop the floor. Also take this time to dust woodwork, door facings, etc.

8. Remove curtains from the dryer and rehang.

***My mom taught me a trick when rehanging curtain sheers. Leave the sheers a little damp and let them air dry while hanging in place on your windows. They tend to lay much prettier that way.*** :)

The grand finale:  

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