Monday, February 22, 2016

Easy Crafting: Origami Dresses

I have a new addiction and can thank the interwebs for it. This new addiction has prompted me to start another branch of the blog titled "Easy Crafting". Think of it as the sister to the wildly popular "Southern Spotlight" portion of my blog. Speaking of "Southern Spotlight", take a look at the post featuring my niece, Jade as well as my friend, Piper. 

The world of crafting can be overwhelming and daunting to the novice. There are so many options! I hope to ease some anxiety for new crafters to take on small projects that can make them feel like Martha Stewart! I hope the series will be just as popular as "Southern Spotlight". 

Scrapbooking has always been one of my favorites but I'm really getting into certain types of origami. If you are (or want to be) a paper crafter, follow Michelle Mooney, on Paper Addiction.  Her tutorials are thorough and detailed. I love her and I'm sure you will love her too. 

Miss Michelle has me hooked on making origami dresses. I can't stop and may need an intervention soon. Take a look at Michelle's origami dress video tutorial here.

Take a look at the dresses I've made in the past few weeks. My ideas for these cuties include cards, bridal showers, birthday parties, local fashion show/fundraising events and baby girl nursery decor. I'll be sure to share the finished products along the way. Please excuse my messy craft room. It is a work in progress :)

***All materials for this craft can be purchased at your local craft store*** 

These gorgeous dresses have me excited for spring! 

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