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How to Give GREAT Gifts

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We've all been there. We are invited to a White Elephant, office, social group or family event and presents are to be exchanged. We are given a price range and want to stay within the limit while giving a tasteful and useful gift. Some may re-gift (I loathe this so very much) and others may purchase the first item within the price range that they see. If you identify with either, I beg you to stop and step away from terrible gift!

It never fails that when I attend a White Elephant gift exchange that I end up with the worst gift on the table. One year, I walked away from an office party with a $1 Dollar Tree picture frame. The limit was $20 for the gift. I smiled graciously and told the giver "Thank you so much! I needed another picture frame for my office".

Another year, I received a bottle of USED Bath and Body Works lotion. Yes, it was used. Again, I smiled and said "Thank you" because that's how my momma raised me. #southern

I'm glad that I'm not the only person who receives these terrible gifts. A friend of mine sent the picture below to me earlier today. She received the item from an office gift exchange party. Keep in mind, she's not a camouflage type of a girl, she doesn't hunt and has never worn camouflage or mentioned that she might be fond of camo.

She was speechless when she opened the gift but managed to muster up "Oh, it has my monogram! Thank you so much!" My advice to her- hold on to it for a few months and then donate it to charity And for goodness sake, send a thank you card to the gift giver.

This is a perfect example of someone picking a gift that is way too personal and taste specific. Keep it simple! A nice scarf, pen set or gift card is perfectly acceptable for co-workers.

A few more tips for giving gifts:

1. Don't buy gifts that you need to explain. If the recipient doesn't understand the gift when they open it, it's the wrong gift to purchase.

2. Go easy on the "gag" gifts. I like to think if you are buying a gift and spending your hard-earned money on said gift, make it as nice as possible (and useful). People will remember the gifts you give them. 

3. Include the gift receipt (but only when the gift costs more than $25).

4.  Wrap the gift. I don't mean putting it in a bag with tissue paper. Take the time to actually wrap the gift and add a nice bow. It's all about the details.

Need help with wrapping your gifts? Watch the short video below from One Kings Lane. 

5. Resist the urge to give gifts that you would want. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone is interested in the same things as you.

One more thing, always send/give a thank you card.

Click here for help on writing a great thank you card

Need ideas for those hard to buy people on your list?

Click here for gift giving ideas from Southern Living

Click here for gift giving ideas from Martha Stewart

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