Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Last Minute Thanksgiving Planning

Hey Y'all!

Here we are again... Thanksgiving Eve and even though we all plan ahead and believe we are organized, things always come up at the last minute. I will be one of those people who stop at the store this afternoon on my way home from work to grab a few things.

While you are at the store, don't forget that your Thanksgiving table should be decorated as well. I like these suggestions from Courtney with Sweet C's Designs. 

Photo is property and courtesy of Sweet C's Designs. 
Another great resource for life in general is Buzzfeed. I find myself going to Buzzfeed to research various topics and happenings. I love this checklist/how-to on hosting Friends-Giving.

Photo is property and courtesy of

Also from Buzzfeed, an amazing resource for lazy cooks. I'm sure that doesn't describe any of my readers :) but I'll just leave the link right here.

Photo is property and courtesy of

One more thing before I go. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without watching Charlie Brown! Also remember when faced with the question of "should I eat the piece of pie?" the answer is always YES! YOLO, people. YOLO! 

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