Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ghosts of Halloween Past!

Hey Y'all!

The countdown is on.

I love Halloween not only because it's my birthday but because of the magic that surrounds the holiday! I get so angry and frankly, offended when people say that Halloween is an evil day. I've heard it so many times during  my life.  The history of the day is weird (I'll give you that) but times have changed and things have evolved! Get with it!

 I have no control over the day I was born so please, stop staying that it's an evil day. For my family,  Halloween is a day to have fun, spend time with family and friends and enjoy one another. I love to see kids dressed in costumes and making memories.  Holidays are a time to bring families and communities together. It's a splendid time of year and not evil!

My Aunt Movita (yes, that's her real name but I call her Nanny) always made a big deal of my birthday. One of the best/worst birthdays I can remember has to be my 11th birthday. My Mom planned a slumber party for a group of my closest friends. Nanny always had elaborate costumes and was a prankster by nature. Late in the evening, when we were all in the midst of our scary movie marathon, there was a scratching at the living room window. I knew Nanny and what she was capable of and did my best to ignore the scratching.

 One of the girls ran to the window and threw back the curtains and there she stood. My Nanny in an old gray wig that looked like a rats nest. She had taken great lengths to get her ghoul make-up just right and her eyes looked like they had been hollowed out thanks to black shoe polish. Her skin was beyond white and ghastly. Her fingernails were long and dirty (she actually dragged them through dirt for effect) and she was wearing a long white dress. 

Needless to say, everyone at the slumber party went home and I was horrified. She tried to come in the house and smooth things over. She removed her wig, etc. but it was too late. Everyone wanted to go home. Looking back, her costume and plan to spook us must have taken hours to plan and she wanted to make the day special. She succeeded. My 11th birthday party is by far one of my favorites. 

Here is a picture of Nanny (sans the ghoul costume) making sure we stayed cool in the summer circa 1978. 

A few years back, my MIL made my gifts look so adorable that I didn't want to open them! I had spent my birthday on a business trip so it didn't feel like much of a birthday. I came home to this and felt so special. 

She even made sure I had a birthday cake in that was "Marshall University" green!  


What are you favorite memories of Halloween? Do you have any special traditions to celebrate? I would love to know your ideas! 

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