Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Home Keeping Tips-July 2015

Hey Y'all!

Greetings from Hotlanta! The heat index today is a steamy 105 degrees and y'all the humidity is higher than a cats back. My hair is a mess right now but no way am I cutting it. I will just have a constant up-do until the weather cools off.

This weekend was a very productive one at the House of Q's. Mr. Q and I did some things around the house that have been on the honey-do list for a while.

I bought this metal piece a few months before we were married and have been meaning to get it on the porch for a while. I like how the color of the metal piece brings out the light color of the brick.

I also took some time on Saturday to deep clean a few areas of the house. Here is the after of the master bath.

Speaking of cleaning, here is a few of my very own summer home keeping tips that you can try in your own home.

  • Clean your pantry and check for expired items- wipe down all shelves and and shelf liners
  • Wash throw pillows and blankets
  • Air out rooms (if you are lucky enough to get a cool day)
  • Wash all window coverings or send them out to be cleaned
  • Sort through closets to clean/donate/repair items (now is a good time to start selling on eBay to make some extra cash for the holidays)
  • Clean and check the fridge for expired items
  • Wash comforters and duvets
  • Vacuum all upholstered couches and chairs 
  • Wash all windows and clean window sills
  • Clean the fireplace or call a professional if needed
One more tip to help you get organized: I found this neat webpage called Simply enter your zip code and any school in your district will generate. Click the link for your child's school and get the school supply list for his/her classroom. How easy is that? 

Until next time...

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