Saturday, April 11, 2015

Southern Spotlight- Lori Thorndike Sabins, The Mentor Lady

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We've all been there. We have signed up with a direct sales company with the hopes and dreams of making extra money, getting tons of free product and of course building a team of our very own. After a few meetings, rejections from potential customers and the requirement to place an order within a certain period of time (usually within a few weeks or months) we walk away and give up.

Enter Lori Sabins, The Mentor Lady. Lori has 20 years of experience as a successful director with several direct sales companies and has recently launched her own business, The Mentor Lady. This woman KNOWS what she's talking about.

Lori's business is located in Bluffton, SC and her clients are direct sales reps that are either new to the business or need to brush up on his/her business skills. She offers group coaching, one-on-one coaching, local seminars (SC, GA and FL) and excellent tips, tricks and tools to help you succeed in your own direct sales business.

Lori's main goal is "to empower reps to begin thinking of themselves as TRUE business owners!"

For more information about Lori and her business, The Mentor Lady log on to

You can also find her on Facebook at- www.Facebook/TheMentorLady by email, or by phone- 904-813-3454.

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