Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How Do You Give Back?

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I hope everyone is keeping warm out there in Bloggerland! If you live in Florida, I envy you right now. It is a very chilly 25 degrees here in Atlanta. The wind is really starting to blow out there so tomorrow's commute to Midtown Atlanta should be interesting to say the least.

Not only on nights like tonight, I am so thankful to God for providing a warm home for me, my husband and our fur babies. Our families are in their homes (rented or mortgaged) and safe from the terrible weather. We are so lucky and blessed beyond measure.

Everyday, I see so many people living on the streets of Atlanta. It makes me wonder where they go on nights like tonight. Sure, there are shelters all over town, but how many of them reach capacity this time of year? How many homeless people are turned away? I look at their faces and try to figure out how they ended up homeless. Can it be blamed on drug addiction or a drinking problem? Maybe, but not always. Are their situations a result of losing a job or a spouse? There are so many scenarios as to why and how homeless individuals got to where they are.

How many of us would lose everything if we didn't have a job for a few months?  If faced with this frightening scenario, where would you go? What would you do? Do you have family to turn to? A harsh reality to say the least and something that we don't like to think about.

But, we do have to think about it. Because so many of us are blessed beyond measure why aren't we helping more or at all?

If you are in metro Atlanta, I have provided a list of homeless shelters and organizations that need support. If you don't feel comfortable giving money, you can donate other needed items. If you are not in metro Atlanta, I encourage you to find a charity where you are and get involved. Anything you could donate or contribute will help someone.

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