Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going Vegetarian... Kinda

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Vegan. Vegetarianism. Until now, these words made me think of tree-huggers, Californians, granola-eaters, people who recycle and the like. But something has clicked for me and hubs and we have given up pork and beef. This isn't a religious decision but a humane and healthy decision. For now, we are continuing to eat chicken, fish and turkey. What caused this change, you ask? We had discussed it for a few months strictly as a way to be more healthy but never took action until now.

Over the weekend, I watched an animal cruelty video and what animals go through during the slaughtering process and it made my stomach turn. No, I will not share these videos so don't worry. I watched a video/clip without prior warning and honestly wish that I hadn't. There is no unseeing the content of the videos.

Like you, I have always known where our food comes from, especially the meat on our dinner plates. What I didn't know until now is the harsh, unsanitary and disgusting ways that animals are killed and meat is packaged/processed in slaughter houses/factories.

AGAIN, I will NOT show you the footage that I watched. What I will share with you is a description of the look on the cows face in the clip. She was looking at the man killing her with an expression on her face saying "Please help me! Why are your hurting me?" Many of the animals try to run away in terror and fear.  I will never "unsee" the images.

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As an animal lover, the images now run in my mind when I'm ordering food or shopping at the grocery store.

Here are a few helpful resources if you would also like to transition to a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Resource Group-
Vegetarian Times-
Vegetarian Living-

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  1. Hi Wendy!

    I keep trying to find a way to email you but don't see a way through your blog or through the other ways I am following you.

    Drop me a line through this comment, I have a question for you!

    I have often thought about going Vegan but don't think I could do it all the I've cut back on my meat intake and eating more veggies.


    1. Hi Cindy- My email is We have been pretty successful with cutting out all red meat and pork. After the holidays, we are going to stop all chicken and turkey as well. It's so nice to connect with you. :) Talk soon!