Monday, June 23, 2014

Declutter My Life, Please!

Moving. It's never an easy task. To be honest, it brings out my worst qualities. I discover things I don't need. Things I should have never purchased and now, I am literally holding the proverbial bag. Of junk. I've never been one to hold on to things very long so parting with items is not an issue for me. I forget I have things if I don't see it everyday. Do you have this problem? I have no problem getting rid of stuff. It's just stuff after all.

My husband on the other hand, likes to keep things. Forever. When we met, he still had some most of his clothes from high school, VHS tapes, a turntable, a rusted weight bench, etc. He was 40 when we met. He had an old Gap display table coffee table stacked at least three feet tall with stuff. He had the typical bachelor pad and for this I forgave him. His house also kept me awake at night.

He loves to keep little pieces of paper, random straws, shoes that he hasn't worn in years, board games that have never been opened. The list goes on. This habit of his, drives me batty. We are lucky that opposites truly do attract and we are crazy in love. Everything has a place, in my opinion and it should be there unless it's being used. I'm not one for a lot of stuff just laying around the house. Having made this statement, please do not come by for a visit whilst we are packing. The place is a mess!

Speaking of a lot of stuff, have you heard of the trend "100 items or less". The idea is you edit your personal belongings to only 100 items. This includes, clothing, shoes, kitchen items, etc. Think about it. How many pairs of shoes do you wear on a regular basis? I wear about three-five depending on the season. I also wear the same five-eight outfits per season. Most of my clothes are separates so I can mix and match pretty easily. Think about when you pack for vacation or a business trip. You only take the necessities right? Maybe that's how we should live our lives... Seems logical to me.

When we registered for wedding gifts four years ago, we went crazy with those scanner guns! We were so happy to be engaged and getting married! I dreamt of having huge dinner parties, wearing hostess aprons, cooking huge meals for tons of friends and family. None of which actually happened.

We registered for a ton of kitchen gadgets, unlimited bed linens and china/serving dishes that we have never used. I had a set of everyday dinnerware for 12 people! We use the same two plates over and over and rarely have people over. The casual dishes left last week. How many serving pieces does one girl need? Apparently a lot or so I assumed.  I kept five out of 20. Yes, 20. I kept more than I needed quite honestly.

From my wise age of 37 I have learned that "stuff" doesn't make you happy in the long-term. A new dress or pair of shoes may make you happy for a few days but the feeling fades and then you are out looking for the next "to die for" dress or pair of shoes or shorts or whatever floats your boat. Your bank account also suffers when you buy all of these must-have items. When I think of the money I have spent  wasted on things I didn't need, it makes my stomach turn. What could I do with all of that money now? God only knows.

You shouldn't wait until you're moving to declutter and to get organized. It can take as little as 15 minutes per day. I like these tips from Savvy Shopper Central.

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Why do I love the purge? My reasons are as follows:

1.  It feels amazing! Looking around the house and having less clutter is an amazing feeling. Clutter weighs you down emotionally and physically. Less truly is more.

2.  Giving great items to a great cause/charity is a win-win for everyone involved. I like giving to charities that are affiliated with churches, veterans groups and pet rescue organizations. What ever groups/interests you are active with is where you should consider donating. Many offer pick up services for added convenience.

Check out Local pick ups may not be available in your area but Donate Stuff will provide pre-paid shipping services for your clothing donation through your local UPS store. How cool is that?

3.  Helping other people feels good. All of us are poor in some areas and rich in others. Spreading the wealth from the rich areas of my life is a blessing to me. I'm very thankful that I don't get emotionally attached to most items however, there are some things I could never part with.  I would never willingly part with old family pictures, my mom's bible, a few of my Dad's old t-shirts but because I part with other, non-essential items, I have room for these sentimental items.

4. Parting with old items makes your realize how much you really have. After parting with a ton of clothes/shoes that I never wore, it is a breeze getting dressed in the morning. I have about six dresses that I'm crazy about hanging in my closet along with two pairs of pants, two skirts and five shirts. What is hanging in my closet fits, is in style and are items that I wear. So simple and NOT stressful. Again, an amazing feeling.

I will post my "100 item list" after we finish our move.

What items could you never part with? When was the last time you cleaned out ALL of your closet/pantry/kitchen cabinets? Get some boxes and get to packing/donating!

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