Saturday, May 10, 2014

Caring for Hydrangeas

As summer slowly but surely creeps in, Master Gardeners and novices alike begin to tend blooms, bushes, flower beds and ferns. My favorite flower has always been hydrangeas. I love the variation of colors, hardiness and sheer size. Many modern gardeners love to grow exotic breeds of flowers but I like sticking to the old-fashioned flowers that have been grown for generations. I'm an old soul that way.

1. Choose a hydrangea that is cold hardy. If you do live in a region that gets lots of cold weather, you don't want your plants to die during the winter.

2. Early summer and fall are the best times to plant hydrangeas. Pay careful attention to the tag to determine the best spot to plant. Some hydrangeas require more or less sun/shady.

3. Use loose, nutrient rich soil to plant whether you are using containers or the ground. Do not plant your hydrangea deeper than the pot it came in.

4. Hydrangeas love water. Experts suggest keeping them very well hydrated for the first few years of the plants life. My hydrangeas that are planted in the ground are watered daily. You can't over water anything that is planted in the ground.

5. When planting your hydrangea in the ground, dig the hole 3-5 times bigger than the root ball of the plant. Place your plant, fill half way with soil and water thoroughly. When the water has drained completely, add the remaining dirt to the hole.

6. Trimming your hydrangeas can be tricky. Check out this video from EHowGarden on YouTube.

Enjoy these pictures of my hydrangeas from last spring/summer. I have also included pictures from my Mother-in-Law's garden/yard from last year. She has both the "mop-head" and "lace" variations.

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